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The First Tier Tribunal (Information Rights) judgment on the APG's appeal against the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Information Commissioner concerning release of documents concerning rendition under FOIA

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Memorandum Opinion by Judge Ricardo M. Urbina in the US District Court of the District of Columbia granting US intelligence bodies' motion to be dismissed from the APG's FOIA application

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Order issued by Judge Ricardo M. Urbina in the US District Court of the District of Columbia grating defendants' partial motion to dismiss.

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The MOD discloses further extracts of a review of detention practices in 2008, following the Information Tribunal's April 2011 judgment.  This reveals that detainees handed over to the US in Iraq from March 2003 - June 2004 were not tracked.

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The MOD releases the 2008 UK-US MOU to the APPG following FOIA requests and subsequent litigation.

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The 2003 MOU between the UK, US and Australia on detainee transfers.

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The Information Tribunal's April 2011 judgment in the APPG's Freedom of Information (FOIA) case against the MOD and the Information Commissioner.

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On 18 April 2011 the APPG issued a press release following the publication of the Upper Tribunal's judgment in its case against the Information Commissioner and MOD, to secure more information on rendition.

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The APPG publishes its Annual Report 2010, setting out the Group's work over the last 12 months.  The review includes information on the Detainee Inquiry, the Group's FOIA campaign and other activities.

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This Memoradum of Understanding between the UK and Iraq governs the transfer of criminal suspects and responsibility for those detainees after transfer.  It is dated 8 November 2004 but was only made public more recently.  The then Defence Secretary Des Browne had refused the Group's FOIA request for this agreement in 2008.