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On Monday 22nd March, the APPG on Extraordinary Rendition, Amnesty International UK, Human Rights Watch, Liberty and Reprieve published a joint open letter with proposals for an inquiry into British involvement in extraordinary rendition and mistreatment of detainees abroad.

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Andrew Tyrie writes to Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor Jack Straw in response to his Written Answer to Jo Swinson, about the APPG's legislative proposals.

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The APPG wrote to Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor Jack Straw on 5 November 2009, about proposals to tighten the criminal law with respect to extraordinary rendition.  It received a reply dated 14 December 2009.

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Andrew Tyrie writes to Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor Jack Straw questioning his position on circuit flights and asking why it is considered "impractical" to ask the US about circuit rendition flights through UK airspace.

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The APPG sent a copy of its proposals to change the law on extraordinary rendition to the Justice Secretary, the Foreign Secretary, the Home Secretary and the Attorney General, asking them to provide legislative time for the proposals or to give reasons for not doing so.  The proposals themselves have been published as 'Extraordinary Rendition: Closing the Gap' and an electronic version can be found on this website.

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Andrew Tyrie writes to President Elect-Barack Obama calling on him to end extraordinary rendition, secret detention, and the use of torture.

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Members of the APPG, Ed Davey, Amnesty and Reprieve wrote to President Barack Obama, urging him to publish information on the treatment of Binyam Mohamed, that the High Court redacted in its judgment of 4 February 2009.

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Andrew Tyrie wrote to the Prime Minister about Binyam Mohamed and the Military Commissions system.  A reply has now been received from the FCO.

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The APPG receives a reply to its letter of 2 April 2008, from Kenny MacAskill MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Justice in the Scottish Parliament, about the alleged use of Scottish airports and airspace by US rendition flights.

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APPG members Andrew Tyrie, Chris Mullin, Ken Clarke, and Lord Carlile wrote to the Canadian Prime Minister about Omar Khadr. Omar Khadr was captured by US forces in Afghanistan aged 15, rendered to Guantanamo Bay, and now faces a Military Commission hearing.