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The APPG wrote to Prime Minister Gordon Brown about Binyam Mohamed and the Military Commissions system in July 2008.  It received a reply from Foreign Secretary David Miliband which set out the FCO's policy on these issues.

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The FCO writes to Andrew Tyrie about requests for information he made on 20 May 2008, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  The letter sets out all of the information available, including US assurances from as far back as June 2003 that Diego Garcia had not been used in the rendition programme.

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FCO Minister Kim Howells MP writes to Andrew Tyrie to correct Written Answers he had provided on the issue of British nationals detained on suspicion of terrorist offences since 2000.  Initially Dr Howells had said that 6 British nationals had been detained, but in this letter he amends this answer to 8.  He also provides additional information which Andrew Tyrie had tabled Parliamentary Questions on in the past.

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The APPG receives a reply to its letter of 27 November 2007 to the Foreign Secretary about the policy of the FCO towards the Disappearances Convention.

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The then Foreign Secretary Jack Straw's response to the series of letters sent to him by the APPG.

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The APPG wrote to Foreign Secretary David Miliband about his foreign policy speech to the Labour Party Conference.  It received a reply from the Foreign Office (FCO).

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The then Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett MP wrote to the APPG on 10 October 2006.

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The APPG wrote a series of letters to the then Foreign Secretary Jack Straw about rendition.

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Andrew Tyrie wrote to Foreign Secretary Jack Straw about the UK's understanding with the US on rendition.  A reply from the FCO was received.

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Andrew Tyrie wrote to Foreign Secretary David Miliband, following his statement on 21 February 2008 confirming that two US rendition flights refuelled at the British island of Diego Garcia.