FCO States that Diego Garcia flight records from 2002 'are incomplete due to water damage'

In response to a parliamentary question by Andrew Tyrie asking which Government Department keeps Diego Garcia flight records from January 2002, the year in which two US rendition flights landed on the island, the Foreign Office acknowledged that there are incomplete records from that year.  More can be read here.

Accused co-conspirator in 9/11 attacks seek evidence of alleged torture by CIA

Ammar al-Baluchi, one of the defendants accused of plotting 9/11 whose trial is before a military commission, has asked the court to review evidence of his alleged torture in CIA custody.  More can be read here.

Peer asks parliamentary question about use of Diego Garcia for rendition flights

Lord Ashcroft's question to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office can be read here.

US Court Rules in Favour of APPG on its FOI Requests to US Intelligence Agencies

The DC Circuit Court agreed with the APPG's argument that Andrew Tyrie and the APPG are not representatives of the British Government for purposes of the Freedom of Information Act and therefore may request information from the American intelligence agencies.  The FOI requests against the intelligence agencies may now proceed.  The opinion can be read here.

Parliamentary report urges Government to take firm stance on use of Diego Garcia

The report, published by the Foreign Affairs Committee, urged that Diego Garcia "should not be used for rendition unless authority has first been granted by the UK Government, on a case by case basis.  The report can be read here.  More can be read here and here.

US State Department produces more documents in response to the APPG's FOI requests

The APPG has received another large set of documents in response to its 2008 Freedom of Information requests to the State Department.  They can be read here.

Court of Appeal Rejects Bid to Hold Completely Secret Terror Trial

The Court said that the core of the trial could be heard in secret but the media and public would be allowed to attend the swearing-in of the jury, parts of the prosecution's introductory remarks, the verdits and the sentencing (if there are convictions).  The defendants have also been named.  More can be read here

MP asks Parliamentary Question about Detainees on Diego Garcia

David Davis MP asks a parliamentary question about whether any detainees are held on British Indian Ocean Territory Diego Garcia.  It can be read here.