Senate Intelligence Committee Set to Declassify parts of CIA report on extraordinary rendition

The Committee vote to declassify the executive summary and conclusions of the report will take place on the afternoon of 3 April 2014, but it already has enough support from senators.  More can be read here.

Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Publicly Rebukes CIA for Obstructing Senate Investigation of Rendition

Senator Dianne Feinstein accuses the intelligence agency of intimidating the Committee staff members after it referred the staff to the Justice Department for investigation.  The full text of her speech can be read here.

ISC called on to conduct a thorough investigation of Britain's involvement in rendition

Members of the APPG on Extraordinary Rendition wrote to the Intelligence and Security Committee with suggestions for its forthcoming investigation into rendition.  More can be read here.

How the CIA Internal Inquiry on the Rendition Programme Came to Light

The New York Times provides further background on current allegations that the CIA investigated Senate staff members who were compiling the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on rendition.  More can be read here.

CIA Inspector General Conducting Inquiry Into Conduct of Agency Employees Regarding Rendition Report

Members of Congress have complained that CIA employees were improperly monitoring the work of Senate Intelligence Committee staff working on the report of the CIA's detention and interrogation programme.  More can be read here.


NGOs Write to Chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee Urging Publication of Torture Report

A group of leading NGOs in the US have written to Senator Dianne Feinstein and Vice Chairman Saxby Chambliss calling for the declassification and publication of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on extraordinary rendition, with as few redactions as possible.  The NGOs also urge publication of the CIA's response and any minority views.  More can be read here.

CIA May Release Torture Reports to ACLU

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the CIA last November seeking release of three reports on the extraordinary rendition programme, reports that the CIA is considering the release of two of the three reports.  The release would take place on 22 May.  More can be read here.

CIA Reportedly Paid Poland $15 million for Use of Black Site

The black site, where a number of terrorist suspects were held, including Khalid Sheikh Mohamed, allegedly operated from 2002 to 2003.  More can be read here.