UK allegedly trying to block publication of US Senate Intelligence Committee report on rendition

Claims have emerged that the British Government has lobbied against the release of material in the Senate Intelligence Committee's report about Abdul Hakim Belhaj's rendition to Libya, which was allegedly a joint CIA-MI6 operation. More can be read here.

Claims Emerge that CIA ran a 'black site' at Diego Garcia

Reports in the media state that the British Government gave its 'full cooperation' to the CIA to hold detainees at a 'black site' on Diego Garcia.  More can be read here and here.

Findings of Senate Intelligence Committee Report Leaked

Parts of the classified Senate Intelligence Committee report on the extraordinary rendition programme have been leaked, increasing pressure on the White House to declassify the report quickly.  More can be read here

Blair 'knew about Extraordinary Rendition Programme' from the Beginning

According to the Telegraph, Tony Blair and Jack Straw were regularly briefed on the US extraordinary rendition programme by MI6 and were shown US Department of Justice legal opinions declaring enhanced interrogation techniques lawful.  More can be read here.

Senate Intelligence Committee Set to Declassify parts of CIA report on extraordinary rendition

The Committee vote to declassify the executive summary and conclusions of the report will take place on the afternoon of 3 April 2014, but it already has enough support from senators.  More can be read here.

Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Publicly Rebukes CIA for Obstructing Senate Investigation of Rendition

Senator Dianne Feinstein accuses the intelligence agency of intimidating the Committee staff members after it referred the staff to the Justice Department for investigation.  The full text of her speech can be read here.

ISC called on to conduct a thorough investigation of Britain's involvement in rendition

Members of the APPG on Extraordinary Rendition wrote to the Intelligence and Security Committee with suggestions for its forthcoming investigation into rendition.  More can be read here.

How the CIA Internal Inquiry on the Rendition Programme Came to Light

The New York Times provides further background on current allegations that the CIA investigated Senate staff members who were compiling the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on rendition.  More can be read here.