Andrew Tyrie Speaks at Report Stage Debate

The Chairman of the APPG speaks out in support of numerous safeguards to the Justice and Security Bill.  His speech can be read here.

Government pushes through Justice and Security Bill

Amendments recommended by the Joint Committee on Human Rights to add safeguards to the Bill were defeated in a series of votes.  More can be read here.

Gaddafi Opponent Offers to Settle Rendition Case Against British Government for £1 and an Apology

Abdul Hakim Belhaj, who sued the Government for its alleged involvement in his rendition back to Libya in 2004, has offered to settle his case against the Government for £1 from each defendant and a formal apology and admission of liability.  More can be read here.

The Debate Over the Justice and Security Continues

As Report stage begins today, Tony Peto QC and Robert Buckland MP engage in further exchanges over the Bill.


Their new articles can be read here and here.

Report Stage of Justice and Security Bill to Start on Monday, 4 March

Report Stage and Third Reading of the Bill will be held on 4 March and 7 March.

Government Tables New Amendments to Justice and Security Bill

The amendments fall short of the recommendations of the JCHR and do not reinstate the House of Lords amendments. The amendments can be read here.

Joint Committee on Human Rights Publishes Second Report on Justice and Security Bill

Ahead of Report stage in the House of Commons, the Committee calls for stronger safeguards in Government proposals to extend the use of so-called secret courts in civil cases.  The report can be read here.

Tony Peto QC Responds to Arguments Made by Robert Buckland MP

In the latest exchanges, Robert Buckland MP asserts that Andrew Tyrie's concerns about the Justice and Security Bill are wrong.  His article can be read here.  

Tony Peto QC repudiates Mr Buckland's arguments.  His article can be read here