Libyan rendition victim calls for apology from UK Government

Abdel Hakim Belhaj, who is suing the British Government for its alleged role in rendering him and his wife to Gaddafi’s prisons, has reiterated that he would drop the case in exchange for an apology.

In an interview with Middle East Eye, Belhaj said that he welcomed the Supreme Court’s recent decision that the trial could go ahead.

“This experience inflicted a lot of pain and harm upon me and my family and caused us much suffering, the effects of which continued for many years, and which especially my wife, still suffer. I cannot accept to overlook this incident or just turn the page over without the court process taking its due course and making a final decision.

“I have therefore reiterated that if the British government or those involved admit to and apologise for what has happened, I would be happy to end it at that. I am not interested in revenge but only for those responsible to apologise. I would, at that point, be happy to close this chapter and move on.”


“I honestly felt a deep sense of pain and disappointment when these documents were uncovered. I was completely shocked to find evidence indicating the complicity of the British intelligence with an establishment [Libyan intelligence] that is known for disregarding the most basic of human rights.

“The man I was handed over to and the man heading the Libyan intelligence services at the time [Moussa Koussa] was wanted by the British justice system. He was suspect of assassinating the British policewoman Yvonne Fletcher in 1984. It is ironic and sad that I was handed over to him. Gaddafi's acts of aggression and terrorism included operations across Berlin’s cafes and the Pan-Am flight that fell over Lockerbie in Scotland and the French UTA which was downed over the Sahara."


“I don’t understand the rationale or justification behind my torture and that of my wife. I was not wanted by any justice system, not by the British judiciary nor the American. When I was kidnapped in Bangkok, I told them ‘If I am wanted by the American justice system, take me there so that I can stand trial. But I was clearly told, that I was not.”

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