MP urges Government to name Intelligence and Security Committee

The former chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) has asked the Government to reconstitute the oversight body as soon as possible following the general election.

Speaking in the House of Commons on June 22nd, Dominic Grieve MP -- who chaired the ISC before Parliament's dissolution in May -- asked the Home Secretary to make it a priority to appoint the new Committee. After a statement about recent terrorist attacks, he said "one of the problems in the past three and a half months has been that we have not had an Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament to provide the sort of scrutiny that might be helpful to hon. Members in understanding what has gone on, what should happen in future and whether any improvements could be made."

In response, the Home Secretary said that she would "follow up his suggestion that we establish that Committee as soon as possible so that we can give the House the confidence of knowing that Members from both Chambers will look at the matter and provide assurance."

Following the 2015 election, the Committee members were not appointed until September, some four months after the vote.

Read the exchange here.