Ken Clarke welcomes High Court ruling in extraordinary rendition case

Ken Clarke has welcomed a recent High Court ruling ordering the disclosure of information gathered by police investigating the alleged involvement of British officials in a case of extraordinary rendition.

The ruling came as part of civil proceedings brought by Mr Belhaj and Ms Boudchar against former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, MI6 and the government, claiming they participated in the rendition of the couple to Libya.

Ken Clarke said: "The High Court’s order is a reminder of the importance of the information gathered by the police in understanding the UK’s involvement in extraordinary rendition - the programme of kidnap and torture developed during the Bush administration and alleged to have been facilitated by the UK government at the time.

The disclosure of the report in these proceedings is a welcome step towards transparency.”

The APPG has previously asked the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) - the body charged with investigating UK involvement in detainee mistreatment and rendition - whether it would be examining the information gathered during this police operation (codenamed 'Operation Lydd').

Ken Clarke commented: "We believe that full access to the information gathered by the police in this case – irrespective of any potential criminal acts – is vital for the ISC in understanding what went wrong and why. There must be proper scrutiny of the role played by UK officials in the facilitation of extraordinary rendition so that we can get to the truth of the matter, learn the lessons of the past and avoid making the same mistakes in the future."

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