Public consultation to be held on government's flawed anti-torture policy

The Investigatory Powers Commissioner, Sir Adrian Fulford, has today announced that there will be a public consultation on the government's anti-torture policy, known as the Consolidated Guidance.

The consultation comes shortly after two reports by Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee revealed shocking levels of UK involvement in rendition and detainee mistreatment, and just three months after the Prime Minister issued an unprecedented apology to Mr Belhaj and his wife Ms Boudchar, for the UK's role in their rendition to Libya. The reports contained multiple criticisms of the Consolidated Guidance.

The APPG has been calling for improvements to the policy since it was first published in 2010, and wrote again on this subject to the Prime Minister in February of this year.

Read APPG Chair Ken Clarke's May 2018 article on improvements needed to the Consolidated Guidance on Conservative Home.